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  • The Solution: A Sit to Standing Workstation

    A standing workstation is a great idea, as long as youre moving about. But there are those days when you find yourself standing there a longer than most. You could have easily sat and finished what you had to do, probably a bit faster too, if you were a bit more comfortable.The problem is, not everyone is the same height. A standing workstation may only be suitable to about a third of the people. ...
  • Choose a Sit Stand Desktop Workstation Exporters

    A recent study of over 100,000 American men and women over a fourteen year period found that mortality went up with the length of time one spent sitting. Surprisingly, regular exercise didnt change this result. Even for avid runners, bikers, swimmers, and walkers, more sitting meant earlier death, regardless of their activity levels. An Australian study of over 200,000 found the same result. Sitti...
  • What Is A Standing Desk?

    A Standing Desk is a desk that is built for use while standing. That means, if you have one of these desks at work, you would be standing throughout the day as you use your desk-Standing Desk. Of course, you can have a chair nearby to take occasionally sitting breaks, but when you sit the desk is too high to use, so you wont be using the chair for anything more than breaks. Now you may groan...
  • Should You Buy a TV Bracket Or Stand?

    There are generally two ways to place your television, either on the TV stand, or TV bracket which mounts your LCD on to the wall.Both these ways have its own advantage and disadvantage, understanding the feature helps determining what is best for your room.If you are one of those who prefer something simple, but at the same time, you want to show off your newly brought LCD, the TV stand would be ...
  • TV Wall Bracket Selection

    Wall brackets normally go hand in hand with a TV. Many people are opting for LCD televisions and manufacturers of accessories are following closely behind with an array of wall mounts to choose from. To appreciate the nature of the brackets and the way it functions in conjunction to the television, we should get an idea of the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television. It is a flat panel screen that...
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