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  • Ergonomics of Standing Desk Stools

    Are you chained to your desk most of the day? You may be subjected to several health risks because sitting for long hours ruins your posture. Changing your posture every 20 minutes, that is to switch positions between standing and sitting, helps avoid repetitive strain injury and promotes a better posture--Sit Stand Desktop Workstation Suppliers. The use of standing desk chairs and stools helps ...
  • Laptop Standing Desks: Portable or Non-Portable

    Laptop standing desks help support your laptop. The desk comes in two types, portable, and non portable. These desks are designed to help you feel comfort while using your laptop--Best Triple Monitor Stands Sale. DifferencesThere is only one difference is both desks, you can simply fold the portable standing laptop desk and take it with you wherever you go, while the non-portable version is not ...
  • In the way of improving your health, standing the ...

    Many people do not realize it, but sitting at a normal fixed desk all day can actually be quite bad for your health. It can cause everything from minor problems such as mild joint pain to increase your risk of dying early. Some recent studies have even suggested that people who sit over 6 hours each day will die at a younger age than someone who only sits for 3, even if they exercise. The good new...
  • A Standing Desk For The Mobile Office

    Recent research has repeatedly shown that standing is healthier than sitting. Standing encourages fidgeting and movement which enhances blood flow. Better circulation helps prevent disease and distributes oxygen more efficiently, which can fight fatigue and make people feel more energized. In addition to more movement and better circulation standing also burns more calories than sitting (about 300...
  • Your permanent desk accessory

    If you have decided to get one or several standing desks for either your home or entire office, you are off to a good start. But if you want to get even more out of your stand up desks you should know that there are several accessories available, both those designed specifically to be used with this type of desk and for workplaces in general, that can make your work experience even better. Here ar...
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