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  • TV stand - install TV stand?

    If you are looking to get a TV wall bracket for your already bought set or for new one, you will probably need some basic info about them. TV brackets come in different types, shapes, size and qualities. Starting from a flat TV bracket, they span over ceiling TV bracket, tilting TV bracket, LCD TV brackets, desktop monitor brackets, speaker brackets and plasma TV brackets and also with various dim...
  • Become more healthy and standing with a desk

    A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a large number of health problems. Some of these include obesity, heart disease, cancer, back pain, and problems with blood flow. The problem with our modern day society is that more and more of us are sitting for longer periods of time. Many of us will go to work and sit at a desk for hours at a time without taking time out for standing breaks--Sit Stand D...
  • Choose a permanent desk for your home office

    This means that we are poorly adapted to the modern work environment. Sitting at a desk all day not only leads to lots of different injuries, but it also takes years off your life. One option for this is to buy a standing desk. This means that instead of sitting all day you will be standing up. This is far healthier and it will also help you keep your weight down. What follows are just a few tips ...
  • Some of the scientific benefits of standing books

    People sitting a lot will definitely have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and early death. Moreover, sitting for a very long time wont burn many calories. In fact, lots of studies have linked it to obesity and weight gain. Today, this is the major problem of office workers since they often sit throughout the day. Good thing there are standing desks these days--Sale Of Desk Standing. ...
  • Ergonomic standing desk

    Many people that work on computers are listening to the recent medical research indicating that standing more frequently is better for your health. As technology advances, computer workers can choose if they want to sit during the day, stand, or do a combination of the two. Studies suggest that standing and/or incorporating more movement into a typical work day increases blood flow which leads to ...
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