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  • A Standing Desk For The Mobile Office

    To incorporate more standing and movement in ones day, many office workers have switched either full-time or part-time to a standing desk. A standing desk is commonly a cumbersome and expensive investment. Traditional are similar to full-size office furniture and are as portable as a ton of bricks. They are large pieces of furniture that once purchased rarely move from their setup location-Sit Sta...
  • Use the Standing Desk at work

    Moving is beneficial to a persons health, rather than sitting for a long time. 1 - Begin at a gradual pace Think of it from a marathon runners perspective if say for instance you wanted to begin running without shoes on your feet. Instead of making a quick transition from wearing shoes one day then to not wearing them the next, you would most likely want to make the changeover at a gradual pac...
  • Do not forget the keyboard when standing

    Sitting tends to promote compression, leaning, and slouching. All of which can contribute to chronic back, neck and shoulder pain as well as longer-term ailments such as arthritis. Standing tends to open the body and easily facilitates movement so that we are rarely in the same position long enough for it to be significantly deleterious to our health-Sale Of Desk Standing. An adjustable ergonomi...
  • Choose a permanent desktop for your home office

    You may not realise it but sitting around the entire day is killing you. Humans have evolved to be moving around all day, and it will take many centuries of office work before the body adapts to the change. This means that we are poorly adapted to the modern work environment-Sit Stand Desktop Workstation Exporters. Sitting at a desk all day not only leads to lots of different injuries, but it al...
  • What can the platform bring to your health?

    Many office workers are seeking to reduce the risk of back pain and other health problems by switching out their standard desks for standing desks. These allow you to maintain an upright position throughout the day and encourage more movement, as youre already on your feet-Sale Of Desk Standing. Back pain commonly occurs while sitting due to the strain poor posture places on the lower back. Even...
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