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Installing a home theater system can be a fun and exciting process, but doing the grunt work can also be a real pain in the side. One of the most crucial components to a home theater system that no one ever talks about is a quality projector mount. In this article I am going to outline a few steps that you can take in order to find a great mount for your home.

1. Know the weight of your projector. Just like when installing a flat screen TV mount, you have to know the projector weight in order to install a projector mount for your home. You do not want to buy a mount that will not support the weight of your projector.

2. Read reviews for various projector mounts. You can find several reviews online covering projector mounts produced by both large and small companies. Make sure that the consumer has something positive to say about the mount. You do not want to just buy a mount from the first website that you come across.

3. Evaluate the price of a particular mount. These mounts vary drastically in price range. You can pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to less than $20.00 for a mount. However, do not sacrifice quality just for price! Ideally you want to mesh the two, and find the right projector mount for your home.

4. Call various companies about their projector mounts. As an interested customer they will be glad to talk with you. Ask specific questions such as "how much weight can this mount safely hold?" Another question you may want to ask is "what surfaces can you use this mount on effectively?" Those are just a few questions; I am sure that you can come up with others.