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Back pain commonly occurs while sitting due to the strain poor posture places on the lower back. Even for people with a developed core muscle group, the abdominal muscles eventually give out during an 8-hour day of sitting, leaving the lower back muscles with the brunt of the work. When standing, your lower back muscles are assisted not only by stomach muscles, but by muscles of the pelvis, buttocks and legs to support the upper body's weight-Sale Of Desk Standing.
Of course, standing all day in one position is almost as bad as sitting all day. Standing desks can be equipped with high stools and footrests to allow you to rest your feet and legs occasionally. As with a normal sit-down desk, it is also important to move around, such as by taking a few minutes to stretch every hour or taking brief walks around the office-Sale Of Desk Standing.
Most standing desks are very simplistic in design, involving a shelf for a computer, a shelf for a keyboard and sometimes an extra shelf or drawer for other belongings. Some are the length of regular desks, while others are simply made to be computer stations. Depending on the intricacy and features of the desk, the price can range from $150 to many thousands of dollars. The most expensive are the hydraulic adjustable desks that serve as both full-size sitting and standing desks.
The possibilities of a do-it-yourself standing desk end with your creativity. You can stack phone books on top of your current desk and place a board on top of them to hold your monitor, and another board and lower stack of books for your keyboard. You can buy wall shelves and install them at the proper heights for a standing desk. So long as you maintain the proper measurements, you have created a the desk.
When coupled with frequent movement, standing desks offer workers and students an easy way to prevent and resolve back pain. Talk with your employer about creating a more ergonomic work environment.

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