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Once you have purchased a projector, the next step you would be looking forward to is installing a projector mount unless you have purchased a portable one along with a screen. A mount is essential to transpose the picture onto the projector screen. Usually, universal projector mounts are most appropriate as they are capable of adjusting to any type of device. These mounts are not made for a specific model and can be adjusted to work with several projectors

There are several factors that need to be kept in mind while mounting a universal projection screen.

A projector screen, like any other furnishing, becomes a part of the home decor and interior once mounted. A mount can be placed in any part of the house; however if you have children or pets at home, it would be advisable to place the mounts overhead. This does not involve too much effort or energy as no wiring is required to mount the screen. Though, there are a few essential points that should be kept in mind before mounting:

The projector must be placed at a certain distance from the screen to provide a fine quality picture. Keeping the distance constant will ensure better consistency and better quality delivery by the projector.

It is highly important to bear in mind, where do you wish to place the mount. In case you are installing it on the wall, wiring will be done, that will be exposed along the wall. These wires can also be fished through the wall, enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Whereas, if you are considering to install it on the ceiling, and though the ceiling mount includes swivel capabilities, without sufficient clearance to mount the projection system under the ceiling, it will be difficult to adjust the device.

Universal projector mounts have several benefits over custom mounts. Since they can be used with varied range of projectors, one does not have to upgrade the mount while upgrading the projection system.


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