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The need for a projector mount arises when you want an optimum picture quality and image size. There is also the need to make sure that the projector is fixed in the right way and the right angle. And this is also ensured by the use of a mount.

The accuracy of a projector is essential because this is crucial for the right angles of the images as well as the security of the projector suspension.

Different Types of Projector Mounts

There are three major categories of projector mounts. These are as follows.

Wall Mounts - this is useful if it is important for the projector to be accessible at hand for usage. A wall mount can be fixed at an agreeable height and thus can be easy to reach. In some cases the projector can also be attached to an adapter plate. The heights offered by that of wall mounts also enables proper ventilation and cooling effects for the projector.
Ceiling Mounts - the use of ceiling mounts is done primarily to make use of space and a neat installation of the projector. It is also understood that the projector would be safe as its perched up and out of the reach of ordinary manhandling. Ceiling mounts for projectors are available in both common as well as well known brands.
LCD Projector - these are very useful when it comes to LCD projectors. The mount and its positioning is vital especially when its concerns the image size as well and the angle of viewership of the same.
Brands of Projector Mounts

When you are in the market looking for such products you will come across various makes of them. There will be some that will be known brands and then there will be others that are probably less known or even local brands of the same.

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