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Now some high-end LCD display with DVI and D-SUB two inputs at the same time, many users only use this as two different input methods, in fact, these two connectors can be connected to two different computers, through the display settings In a different switch between the host, coupled with a set of USB plugs can be easily hot plug, you can form a set of commonly used industrial control system control switch kit-Dual Monitor Bracket.


Office desk LCD monitor bracket, the real ergonomic design, monitor with the heart, like how to move on how to move with others to share more convenient, but also for the relief of cervical fatigue have a very good effect. Dual-screen LCD monitor bracket, expand the field of view, is the file browsing contrast, COPY more flexible and convenient-Dual Monitor Bracket.


For the video editing, industrial design, graphic design and other designers to provide greater editing space, and modify and effect real-time preview synchronization, very good to improve the work efficiency, 30-inch large-screen writing screen support, more flexible operation Changeable, handy Dual Monitor Bracket




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